Dear Iman

I hope this email finds you well. I'm writing from the Architectural
Association, where I'm the Head of Exhibitions. We are preparing an show on
the books of OMA (opening next Friday) and the office are including your
Iranian version of S.M.L.XL - I would love to include the correspondence
between you and Jan Knikker (kindly emailed to me by Finn Williams) in the

Seems funny to be asking your permission for correspondence pertaining to
permissions but I would love it if you could email me your approval for us
to exhibit the discussion.

Finn tells me you are planning a trip to London. Perhaps it would be
possible, as he suggests, for you to lecture at the AA? I will discuss the
idea with our Director. The School year begins in October, so it might not
coincide with your visit.

All the very best


Vanessa Norwood
Head of Exhibitions
Architectural Association
36 Bedford Square
0207 887 4031

/ 4 نظر / 36 بازدید
.:: فاطمه ::.

راستشو بخوای حوصله ام نکشید بخونم چرا انگلیسی؟ اینجا پرشین بلاگه ها!!!!!! [نیشخند]

بابک پیوسته

شوخی می کنی؟ سخنرانی در آرکیتکچرال اسوسیشن؟! بابا!


Seems funny to be asking آقا ملتو خر می کنی ؟ خیلی واضحه که ریدن بهت که حا لا ا مدی اینجا می بینی چی بهت می گن ؟

congratulation,dear teacher... I hope that u be successful in all stages in your life.finally i say: happy teacher's day to you...